Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Well, I can tell you I am over this rain that we have had the last 5 days.  I haven't been able to do anything outside.  It has been cold and just plain yucky!

At least someone has been keeping warm in all this weather

(So very spoilt!!!)

I cooked some choc chip cookies for a friend's 2 little boys, they thought it was great that they got these as a gift!

In between the showers and downpours of rain I managed to go and check on my vegies. So with gumboots on the feet outside I went.

My mini brocolli is slowly growing they have a very small head, in the left photo, behind the parsley which is growing mad.  The peas are growing slowly too, I found a flower on them.  I don't get much sun in the backyard in winter so I'm not sure how my winter vegies will go, its the first time I have planted in winter....oh well...can only hope!

Over the weekend I decided to go for a drive up the mountains to Lawson to pick up some of the lovely braided rugs from Rick Rutherford's Country Store.

I ended up getting a runner for my dining table and a rug for the front door. I think the one for the front door is too small so I have decided to get the bigger size when I go back to the lovely store in July for the Yulefest that Rick's has with all new xmas decorations. These days are great I went to the one last xmas and I can tell you I spent a few dollars on new xmas decorations. He gets the decorations from the USA and its what you don't see here in the stores and they are the country look decorations and I can tell you that my xmas tree last year looked fantastic (even if I do say so myself). I can't wait.

Even Bailey was bored over the weekend with all of this rain, he played a lot with his "Pooh Bear".

It looks like the rain has stopped for a while, hopefully for a long time.

Enjoy your day!