Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's Been Happening Around the Garden....

The weather around here has been so hot one week and then rain and cool the next, I wish it would make its mind up! Also, my thoughts are with all those in QLD that have been affected by the floods.
Thankfully I didn't get the really heavy rain that others did in NSW, it was a constant light rain.  By looking at my crepe myrtles you would think that it had really poured down. I think all the flowers made the branches top heavy and they all drooped, some just snapped.  I think I will have to end up cutting them all off.  It's a shame as this year they were flowering lovely.  I can't complain, I came out on top considering.
I finally got the garden bed all filled and planted out.
But unfortunately, me being impatient and wanting to get it all planted (I also had to as the seedlings were starting to look sick and needed planting out), and with the rain we had it has sunk a bit, but not to worry. Also some of the seedlings didn't make it, I have 2 types of zucchini, dwarf butter beans and silverbeet.
I found I had 2 zucchini's first time at growing them!
 The corn is growing well too.

I have started to get a lot more beans since the hot weather has gone and my first zucchini!

A few weeks ago I was given some elk horn plants, I had to put some on wood to hang and I also put 3 on the tree out on the front nature strip, I hope they grow ok and most importantly I hope they don't go walk about!!

I picked my beetroot and pickled it.

A few weeks ago I purchase dwarf orange and lemon trees.  I finally dug the holes last weekend and planted them. They got a good soaking from the rain just after i put them in which will help them along. I have a few small fruit on the lemon tree, can't wait for the fruit. I miss having a lemon tree.

I have been a bit slack with the cooking lately so I made Lasagne to put in the freezer.

My window awnings are being done this week so I will share photos soon.

 Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Lucky Am I.....

Wow... how lucky am I!
I am so honoured to have my home "Voysey Cottage" featured in the House Tours section of Rick Rutherford's Country website!
Rick has done a great job on the story of my home, I am very happy with it.
For those of you who don't know about Rick, he used to be the Editor of the wonderful Country Collections magazine.  I have just about every copy of this great magazine, well the older issues used to be great.  Since Rick left the magazine years ago the magazine hasn't been as good and has moved away from the country themes that I love to look at and read about.
He has a lovely Country Store at Lawson in NSW which is a cottage house and it is packed full with wonderful treasures.  Each room has a different theme.  If you ever get the chance the visit you will not be disappointed.
Rick has a website which you can browse at your leisure.  If you would like to take a look at the website and my home in his House Tours section, here is the link, at the bottom of the page click on House Tours
Hope you enjoy!