Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Short Trip Away....

 A couple of weeks ago I went for a week down the coast. The weather was lovely everyday.
There were walks every morning along the beach walkway...
There were swims in the water...
The water is getting deeper...
Bailey had fun playing with his pals Storm and Ben.
There were walks along the boardwalk...
I also went to Mogo Zoo.  This is a lovely small zoo and I recommend going there.  They have different animal encounters which you can do and I decided to do the Meerkat Encounter which you go into their enclosure and feed them and they eat out of your hands and hair...yes hair...they jump onto your head and eat the food the keeper puts in your hair. It was a great experience!
They eat vegetables and small grubs...they love the grubs the best!

 There was also a baby giraffe...very cute!
As always it was way too short a holiday...
Last week Bailey celebrated his 8th Birthday!

I made some bunting last week, I have never made it before and it was quite easy, although I did it the cheats way but cutting out the triangles with pinking scissors to make it easier....stay tuned for what I use it for!!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter...hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!!!
Have a good day...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Looks Like a New House, Well Sort Of....

Finally my window awnings are all finished and I am very happy with them. The house looks like a proper cottage now.  With the rain we have had in the last few weeks it was a good test for them. The windows were also painted, I changed the colour of the inside to cream so it wouldn't be so much blue with the awnings being blue too. The miniorb roof is the same blue/grey colour of the bullnose porch roof.
(Front - before)

(Laundry side - before)
(Back of house - before)
(Other side of house - before)
Now that is all done, what to do next....nothing....I need to save some money!!!
The next plan I am looking at is some chickens but that will be later in the year. I have been looking at some chicken coops and comparing prices.  I need something with a bit of floor space for them to walk around as they will be locked up during the days I am at work and on the weekend they can free range....guess what Bailey...that means you get locked up behind the side gate!
Does anyone have any suggestions on chicken coops?
Have a good day!