Thursday, May 31, 2012

Around the Garden...

I love Autumn, the colours of the leaves falling off the trees, the crisp mornings, the chill in the air in the late afternoon....winter is on its way!

Even Bailey wanted to get into the act of the autumn colour.
He is closing his eyes saying...don't take my photo, you are always taking photos of me!

Stop taking my photo!

I have planted some new herbs in my herb garden.

My veggies have starting to grow...I have planted Broccolini, Silverbeet and Beetroot, I probably put too many in and too close together....oh well.  At the back I have planted Sweet Peas to try and cover the fence...we'll see if they do what they are suppose to do!

I decided to dig up the roses along the back fence as they weren't growing as well as they should as they aren't getting enough sun. Not sure where I am going to put them.  I have planted Camillias in their place and I am hoping they will grow quite well and cover that ugly fence.

I have also put a couple of Camillias behind my old post & rail fence to try and hide the side fence.

There they are behind the fence, i think they will cover the side fence very well.

I have also had to replace the standard roses at the side of the garage with camillias, as the roses weren't getting enough sun there either. I have planted 3 so far, and I have one more rose to dig up and I will plant 2 more camillias.

Two of the standard roses I have moved to either side of the front porch steps...they look a bit dead at the moment but I am hoping that once Spring comes they will be in full's hoping!

The first sign of my daffodils starting to shoot up.

I thought I would show you my new garden ornament...isn't he cute!

Lastly....all curled up in front of the fire after our day in the garden...what a life!!

How is your garden growing?

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wood Pickin'...

Last weekend I went wood pickin' at a friend's place. Pat & Danny have acres with lots of bush, so we decided to go and collect some wood for our fireplaces. What a great day we had.

This is the trusty old ute....yes that's right, there is no windscreen. Instant airconditioning. The trailer is hitched on the back, so off we go.

First stop to cut up the dead trees on the side of the track.

Is this how you use a chainsaw?

Pat with the chainsaw.

This is looking out to the bush.

 A couple of hours later and we headed back to the house with our trailer load. Don't we look like professionals!
I made a trip back home with some wood and when I got back we headed off out again to get another trailer load, by the time we finished it was just on dark.

Pat breeds Labrador's and she has just recently bought chocolate coloured labrador's to breed...they are all so cute!

All sitting patiently waiting to be fed.
Danny has this Kenworth truck, which I said is my truck as it is a KW and that is my initials, so he told me to get up in driver's seat like I am driving was so high up....what a laugh!!

What a fun day we had collecting the wood, with a lot of laughs to keep us going, we were a bit sore the next day. Can't wait for the next day we go wood pickin'....

A couple of weeks ago I was given a bag of chokos so I decided to have a go at making Choko Pickles. It turned out ok for my first effort. Next I am going to try Green Tomato Pickles.

The other morning I was up early and looked out the back door to see what the weather was like, it was a perfect sunny morning, a bit cool but lovely. I spotted this big cobweb which runs from the rose bush near the fence to the crepe myrtle tree, which is quite a big distance. I don't know how the spider made that distance! I'ts the biggest cobweb I have ever seen.

Enjoy your day!