Monday, March 12, 2012

Mini Make Over....

I have finally finished my mini make over!

My outdoor setting was looking a little bit worse for wear and since I have had my pergola done it looked a bit....should I say....crappy.... under the new pergola.

A bit rusty looking aren't they!

I couldn't afford to buy the new setting that I liked, so i thought why not paint the old one.

I think it looks like new and a lot brighter under the pergola too!

It was finally sunny over the weekend, so I was pottering around the garden and Bailey was lying on the grass soaking up the sun.

While I was taking photos of him he started to crawl along the grass, he went nearly the length of the yard, crawling, then stop, look at me, crawling, then stop, look at me, it was so funny to watch. I had my camera in my hand so I started videoing him.  I have added part of the video so you can have a laugh.


This is me and Bailey jumping in puddles of water in the backyard after all the rain that we had last week.

A couple of weeks ago I visited a historic house in North Richmond, NSW.  The house is on acres and has lovely gardens.

The front door

It was a very peaceful setting, all you could hear were the bellbirds in the trees.

Enjoy your day!