Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Baking...

 Last weekend I had a baking day.  I will be having some visitors in October so I decided to make some quiches to put in the freezer.  I had a heap of spinach to pick from the garden
so I decided to make a large spinach quiche and some small bacon and mushroom.
I also picked the beetroot to pickle.
I have never made pickled beetroot before but it was quite easy.  I tasted a piece and it wasn't too bad for my first effort!
I also make a loaf of bread and some bread rolls, this time on my own with no help from Mary-Jane, but maybe I should have!  They turned out ok and tasted alright.
Around the garden....the 2 standard roses that I transplanted either side of the front steps, unfortunately didn't make it, so I have replaced them. I am happier with the new ones as they are a bit smaller and suit the spot better.
The foxgloves are starting to flower.

Azalea, bluebells and daisy look lovely together.

Pansy and lobelia
Some of my herbs are growing well.
Flowers looking pretty around the birdbath.
 Early on Monday morning I heard the screech of Black Cockatoos and they sounded close by.  I have heard them a few times now.  So I picked up the camera and out the back door I went to see if I could find them.  I looked in the distance around the trees in the neighbours yards and then when I looked straight up in my backyard (in the tree over the back fence) there they were sitting up high, so me fumbling to try and get the camera out off they flew....damn...it would have been a close shot. Then they flew into a distant neighbours tree, can you see it on top of the pine tree branch (in the middle of the photo) the white bit of the beak...wish I had of been quicker!
Hope you are enjoying your spring garden!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring Time...

I love Spring, the garden starts to wake after Winter.  It's amazing, how in a couple of days of warmth, how much the plants have grown.
The daisies are flowering.
The bulbs are starting to flower.
Sweet peas are starting to flower.
The Roses along the back fence are shooting after being cut back hard this year.
Pansies and Viola still in bloom.
My new/old trike with pansies in the back.
Out the front, the Bluebells are starting to open.
The front Rose on the arbour is starting to shoot as well, after being cut back hard too.
Bailey sunbaking!
Saturday I had a baking day.  I have my market stall again next Saturday with my friend Chris, so it was baking for me.  I made a big batch of M&M Cookies, Jam Drops, Choc Chip Cookies and the Friday night I made Florentines (already in freezer, forgot to take photo).
I also made Nut Slice (forgot to take a photo...boy I'm slack...old age is starting to kick in), which I gave half to Ness and MJ as we had a baked dinner night again...no bread making this time.
I also made Lemon Butter...love it...note to self...next time let cool a bit before filling jars.  It looks like I haven't filled them to the top, but I did.  Oh well, you learn from your mistakes!
Enjoy your day!