Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring Time...

I love Spring, the garden starts to wake after Winter.  It's amazing, how in a couple of days of warmth, how much the plants have grown.
The daisies are flowering.
The bulbs are starting to flower.
Sweet peas are starting to flower.
The Roses along the back fence are shooting after being cut back hard this year.
Pansies and Viola still in bloom.
My new/old trike with pansies in the back.
Out the front, the Bluebells are starting to open.
The front Rose on the arbour is starting to shoot as well, after being cut back hard too.
Bailey sunbaking!
Saturday I had a baking day.  I have my market stall again next Saturday with my friend Chris, so it was baking for me.  I made a big batch of M&M Cookies, Jam Drops, Choc Chip Cookies and the Friday night I made Florentines (already in freezer, forgot to take photo).
I also made Nut Slice (forgot to take a photo...boy I'm slack...old age is starting to kick in), which I gave half to Ness and MJ as we had a baked dinner night bread making this time.
I also made Lemon it...note to time let cool a bit before filling jars.  It looks like I haven't filled them to the top, but I did.  Oh well, you learn from your mistakes!
Enjoy your day!



  1. Funny how we both made M&M cookies over the weekend!

    I will put a link up for the chocolate cake sometime today - when I find it!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Here is the link - it's called Dana's Cupcakes - so scroll down to it. I think I used SR Flour. It really does make delicious cup cakes but this cake turned out big and beautiful too!

    Cheers - Joolz


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