Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baking Day...

Last Saturday I had a baking day with a couple of neighbour friends.  What a great day it turned out to be.  First let me tell you about the girls, Mary-Jane is a great cook and makes her own bread, she has a great vegie garden and Vanessa too is a good cook and has a great vegie garden and some chickens. They always have fresh produce ready to be cooked into a great meal!

When we were talking one day MJ said that she will teach us to make bread, after having some of her bread I thought no way will I be able to make it as good as her.  So, Saturday was the day, MJ said that we would make bread then she would bake a roast for dinner that night and in between that I would teach them to make my Florentines.

This is our bread rising near the fire.

While the bread was rising I gave the girls a gift of Florentine ingredients to make their own. They loved the idea.

This is the girls making the biscuits, I forgot to take a photo of their finished product...sorry girls!
This is Jake, Vanessa's little boy, having is baby cino with a muffin for our afternoon tea.

MJ made 2 loaves, a plain one and a herb one to go with our dinner, the herbs were freshly picked from the garden.
Ness turned her dough into a plaid.

I decided to cut my dough in half and make a plaid too and small round loaf.  The round loaf I took to share with my Dad. Once we put the flour over the tops of them, into the oven they went.

While we waited for the bread and roast to be cooked we went for a long walk, with Bailey too which he was excited about, as we knew all the lovely food that we would be eating that night!

This is the herb loaf MJ made and was so yummy.

Ness' loaf to the left and my 2 at the right.  Not bad for our first attempt and they tasted good too!

The roast on the table ready to be eaten...it was so good!  For dessert we had apple crumble that Ness made but I forgot to take a photo of it...very slack of me...sorry Ness!

What a great afternoon and night we all had and the girls hubby's enjoyed the feast as well.  Hopefully there will be many more days like this.....thanks girls!

Enjoy your day!


  1. What a lovely, productive day - next I request a pasta/lasagne making day - that would be fun too!

    Cheers - Joolz

    1. It was a lovely day thanks Joolz. We are already talking about our next day. Ah pasta, never made it before, could be an option.

  2. Wow Karen, Good friends and good food ... what more could a girl need or want. Sue

  3. I agree totally Sue. Finally my life is filled with lovely people around me, my good friend Chris and now 2 new lovely friends! Can only get better.


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