Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Around the Garden...

I thought I would share some photos of my garden.  I am really happy with how the garden is looking this year but I still think it is not quite how I would like it....but as they say a garden is always a work in progress.
This is looking up the garden path!!  The foxgloves have grown great this year, I also put a lot more in this time.
Looking down the path. The magnolia at the end has grown so high.
I think the foxgloves look great amongst the roses.

The rose on the arbour has come back so thick...I think it needed the hard cut back.

Rose out the front
 Pierre de Ronsard rose that I moved from out the back to grow over the other side of the front arbour, has thankfully survived and growing well. I love this rose.

The rose along the back fence is starting to flower.

The foxgloves behind the old fence are growing crazy and the sweet peas too.

One of the foxgloves behind the fence, the one on the left at the back, is so tall, it comes up to my forehead.  I am only 157cm tall (yes I'm a shorty), but the foxglove really is quite tall and looks great.

A close up of the tall one, love the bell shaped flowers...stunning!

The Iris' are starting to flower too...I think of Nan when these flower as her name was Iris.
I planted 3 different tomato plants, mini roma, cherry tom and golden cherry tomato and they have started to fruit.  The spinach at the back is still growing wild, one of the bean seeds that I planted has started to take off, don't think the others I planted are going to shoot so I planted a few more seeds last weekend so hopefully this will shoot. I'm thinking maybe they are getting too much shade from the spinach so I might have to pull the spinach out.
What's been happening in your garden?

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Puppie, Puppies and more Puppies...

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Pat, who breeds Labradors.  Two of her dogs have had pups and there are 11 puppies altogether (unfortunately 3 died).
Be warned, this post is a bit of photo overload, but they are so cute!

(in this litter there are 4 brown and 1 cream)

(this litter there are 4 black and 2 cream)

(its such hard work being a puppy)

 (yes, I had to have a cuddle)

 From left to right....Grandma, Mum, Mum and Dad at the back.
Its time for a feed.

(he is out for the count!)
This is what Bailey did to his Pooh Bear the other week....when I am not paying attention to him he decides to pull his stuffing out....I must sew that up one day!
(I didn't do it....really!) 

(Pooh Bear are you ok?)

I also had a go at making the Flower Biscuits that Joolz made here . I was happy with how they turned out and they tasted good too!
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Portrait....

A couple of weeks ago I had some family portrait photos taken with my Dad and Bailey.  I won a voucher in a raffle for a free sitting and photo. 
What a great afternoon it turned out to be.  I asked Alicia from Alicia Birch Photography if I would be able to have the photos done in my yard with my old stuff and garden. Alicia said that was fine and said it would take about one hour....well two and half hours later the photos were done. Alicia loves all the old stuff that I do and she loved my garden.  Bailey was the star of the day, he was very well behaved, probably because we wanted him in the photos too and that he was being included.
Alicia asked if she could do a blog on my photos, I said really!!  So here is the link to her blog if you would like to have a look at my photos and let me know what you think.  All the people that I have showed them to have commented how great they are.

I would highly recommend Alicia if you live locally, she is a lovely lady and excellent at what she does!

Enjoy your day!