Thursday, October 11, 2012

Puppie, Puppies and more Puppies...

Last weekend I went to visit my friend Pat, who breeds Labradors.  Two of her dogs have had pups and there are 11 puppies altogether (unfortunately 3 died).
Be warned, this post is a bit of photo overload, but they are so cute!

(in this litter there are 4 brown and 1 cream)

(this litter there are 4 black and 2 cream)

(its such hard work being a puppy)

 (yes, I had to have a cuddle)

 From left to right....Grandma, Mum, Mum and Dad at the back.
Its time for a feed.

(he is out for the count!)
This is what Bailey did to his Pooh Bear the other week....when I am not paying attention to him he decides to pull his stuffing out....I must sew that up one day!
(I didn't do it....really!) 

(Pooh Bear are you ok?)

I also had a go at making the Flower Biscuits that Joolz made here . I was happy with how they turned out and they tasted good too!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Puppies are so cute that I always want to bring them home. Then I remember all the training and leave them where they are.

  2. awwwwah,so cute. tut tut Bailey,not nice thing to do you know.

    Karen I made the same biscuits only jam in the middle. I found the recipe on Miss Witherspoons blog. They didn't last 5 mins in our house.
    Thank you for the Anniversary congratulations. We only celebrated on Saturday as my son in law was away working the previous weekend on the actual day. We had a lovely night. xx

  3. Cute, cute lots of cuteness lots of puppy breath, just love puppies. Only problem I woun't be able to give anyway and end p with a million dogs and cats. Karen does your friend breed dogs for the blind society, One of my daughters friend has just been accepted as a breeder. atleast you know they get looked after well.

    1. Hi Rina, yeah I didn't want to leave them, I wanted to keep cuddling them. My friend used to breed for the Blind Society years ago, she showed me the photos of all the dogs that went there. The Blind Society sent her photos of the dog with the harness on when they passed and she was invited to the ceremony of each dog once it passed...she really appreciated it and felt like a proud Mum..very rewarding she said.

  4. So cute, I was ooing and ahhing to all the photographs especially the family.


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