Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Garden & What's Cooking

The leaves are falling from the trees in the backyard, they are such a pretty colour.  The only pain is the raking of the leaves, but it only happens once a year and it is good therapy!!

(photo taken after leaves raked)

The first of my bulbs have started to flower and many more springing up ready to give a good show.

I planted peas, spinach and broccoli over the weekend and as soon as I had turned my back Bailey thought it was a nice sunny spot to lay on them in the sun (I didn't get a photo as I yelled at him and he quickly jumped off), dogs, who needs them (me of course).

Last week I bought myself a Slow Cooker and what a bargain it was, $30 from Aldi for a 6.5 ltr.  So it was a weekend for cooking.  Saturday I cooked Beef & Vegie Casserole for my Dad to have in his freezer and Sunday I cooked Chicken & Vegie Casserole for us. 


I also cooked a yummy Crunchy Top Apple Cake (from Heidi at Primitive Ole Frugal Mumma blog -  thanks Heidi). It was easy to make and tasted so good!

I can see more cooking days ahead with the weather starting to cool down.

Enjoy your day!