Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Garden & What's Cooking

The leaves are falling from the trees in the backyard, they are such a pretty colour.  The only pain is the raking of the leaves, but it only happens once a year and it is good therapy!!

(photo taken after leaves raked)

The first of my bulbs have started to flower and many more springing up ready to give a good show.

I planted peas, spinach and broccoli over the weekend and as soon as I had turned my back Bailey thought it was a nice sunny spot to lay on them in the sun (I didn't get a photo as I yelled at him and he quickly jumped off), dogs, who needs them (me of course).

Last week I bought myself a Slow Cooker and what a bargain it was, $30 from Aldi for a 6.5 ltr.  So it was a weekend for cooking.  Saturday I cooked Beef & Vegie Casserole for my Dad to have in his freezer and Sunday I cooked Chicken & Vegie Casserole for us. 


I also cooked a yummy Crunchy Top Apple Cake (from Heidi at Primitive Ole Frugal Mumma blog -  thanks Heidi). It was easy to make and tasted so good!

I can see more cooking days ahead with the weather starting to cool down.

Enjoy your day!


  1. All my bulbs are starting to bud as well, every year they get earlier...Come spring I won't have any as they will be all finnished...Your backyard is looking great, a nice spot for a cuppa.

  2. Your yard look just lovely Karen and sunny too, and I am so jealous, I love Aldi but we don't have one here in the Tamworth area, the nearest is Muswellbrook about 1 1/2 hrs south of here, I was so spoiled when we lived on the Central Coast...but I love the country. When do we get an invite to dinner ??? yuuummmmm

  3. I spy a giant spoke wheel that has me green with envy. And all those baked goods!!!! Oh how I would love to sample some. Now stop that! I am dieting. :o(


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