Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini Makeover...

I decided to change the cupboard in the bathroom that I store my old bottles and boxes in. The real reason was the old cupboard was too small for all of them as I had been collecting more....good enough reason I think!

I had an old metal meat safe that I had displayed on the fridge, so i thought that it might look alright with the collection in it.

(Before photo, sorry it's a bit dark)

(After photo, sorry this one is dark too)

(close up photo)

I think it still needs some tweaking as I am not quite happy with it.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Nice collection and looks nice in the little cabinet. x

  2. Is that an old medicine cabinet in the top picture, Karen? I have one similar. Wow look at all those goodies in there. Reminds me of my mums place. Sue

    1. No Sue, the cabinet is just a wooden one, would love to an original medicine cabinet!

  3. My grandparents swore by Vincents powders...and Bex! So many things I see in your cabinet that remind me of my childhood. It looks great Karen!


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