Friday, July 8, 2011

A Great Day Out...

I mentioned in my last post that I was having a day at Rick Rutherford's for his Yulefest celebrations.  Well, last Saturday my good friend Chris and I decided we would make a day of it and so off we went and visited our usual antique shops on the way up the mountains.  It was a great day with morning tea, snacks at Rick's and then a yummy dinner on the way home...what a big day but very enjoyable with a lot of laughs and chatting!!

My first purchase was this great old Shaving Jar...I will have to find some old combs to put in it.

Then it was off to buy some christmas decorations.  I bought these cute bowl ornies with snowmen painted inside, in 3 different sizes.  I bought some more ornies but will show you with my decorating at christmas time.  We had a great time at Rick's, he always makes us feel welcome.
(this is only some of the decorations...aren't they cute!)

I also bought this lovely wee willy candle holder with flicker candle, I have a couple of these in different sizes...I just love them...they look great turned on at night.

I didn't buy this candle holder, but I thought I would show you anyway, my partner made this out of an old rabbit trap (mind you it was my idea), so I have 2 of these on the wall in the lounge room with flicker candles and they too look great.

I also bought these lovely little button boots from Chris' website ( - well worth a look), they look great sitting on my old dressing table in my bedroom. Next to them is the hook that you use to do the buttons up.

During the week I finally put up my old hoe on the wall in the lounge room.  I think it needs some things to hang off it....looks like there might be another day out coming soon!!!

My daffodils have started to flower in the back garden.  They look really good next to the old fence I put up.  I can't wait until spring, I have started planting out a lot of foxglove, stock, hollyhock and delphinium seedlings, so come spring I should have a lot of flowers and colour in the front and back gardens this year...can't wait!

Well, that was another great day out, thanks Chris....we will have to start planning the next one!!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Always a nice day out with you Karen...what can I say...Nice food, nice shoping and nice company xxx

  2. Hi Karen
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You two girls are so lucky to have each other, that is the main thing I miss since our country move, my friends and our shopping, lunch days, if I think too much about them I get very sad and home sick :o(
    So you two lovely ladies plan and keep planing your shopping trips there is no better fun to be had. Love the goodies you pair found, I can hear the giggles now as you went bustling through the old wars shops, who will find the first treasure ?? jealous much :o))

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day with your friend. I have been thinking about a day in the mountains doing some browsing and of course... shopping. Sounds like a lot of fun when you have someone to shop with. Maa.

  4. Chris, it is great to have this friendship, its a shame you moved but the country sounds great and its an excuse to have a weekend away to visit them!

    Maa, we always have a great day. You should visit the mountains, there are some great shops up there.

  5. I joined your blog and love it. I hope you come on over to my blog and check it out. I love new follwer's.

    Sounds like you had a ball of a time with your friend!!
    I hope your enjoying your summer.
    Summer Blessings,

  6. Tricia, thanks for visiting. We always have a great day out, they should be more often. I wish we had more shops like you guys have over there, wouldn't that be wonderful!.

  7. I just love old baby shoes! i have a few pairs too. Those are darling.


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