Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tree Change......

Things have changed in my life lately and I think it is time that I had a change!  Whether it be a change of house, change of hair colour/style, change of job.  I would really love to have a tree change......BUT there is the risk of not having a no money to live, pay bills etc.

Has anyone had a tree change.....what are the pros and cons!!!

Will I be able to do it on my own??  Country people are much nicer than city people??

What do you think!!!


  1. Karen, I left you a long comment and it vanished into cyberspace. If you would like any help with my thoughts you can email me via my blog. Maybe I can give you a few things to think about to help you make a decision. There's lots to think about with this. Maa

  2. almost 3 years ago our family moved from the gold coast to rural victoria,and so far i cannot find one con only pros
    more peaceful
    bigger garden and orchard
    more land for animals
    days are more full
    we now know our neighbours
    more freedom for the children

  3. Wow, that was a big move - G.C to Victoria. All of those sound like just what I positive to me.

  4. We moved to the country (sort of) 18 months ago. I say, sort of, because we only have a large building block...but that is all I could easily manage. i have just retired but was thinking of how I would cope in 20 years. But...I would like a bit more land for animals.

    It has been wonderful. I was very anxious about the locals, as the area we have moved to was decimated in the Black Saturday fires. Disaster has a way of bringing people together and country people are often thought of as being clique anyway. However, I have had nothing but good experiences with people...and feel very welcome. Obviously, I have been careful/sensitive as I can be.

    Money wise, I retired and took a 2/3 cut in my income. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to cope financially. I am lucky to have a good super pension. But if you are frugal and value the simple life, grow veggies, keep chooks, eat less meat, cook from is amazing how little you need. City living and working costs money...eating out, clothes for work, travel, lunches, take--away etc.

    Perhaps you could try it some Come and live with us for a while. LOL.

  5. Oh...and we still have a mortgage...but still cope.

  6. Thanks Hazel...sounds positive. I more or less live frugally now anyway, except for the antiquing days I go When I want to save I can. The main problem would be finding a job. I have friends down south and it is a lovely spot, beach one side and countryside the other, they have been there for 5 years and they have met so many people and good friends in the short time they have been there compared to the many years they lived in the city!!

  7. Are you familiar with Rhonda at Down To Earth - she has a wealth of information about living frugally on a small patch of dirt, eating well and cooking from scratch, raising chooks, veggie gardening.

    She has a book coming out next year which I can't wait to get hold of. Give her a try.



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