Monday, October 10, 2011

A Makeover & Around the Garden...

What a busy few weeks, I have been staying at my Dad's since he got out of hospital, now he is on the mend I am back home.  How the garden has grown in a week, but still not a lot of flowers in bloom....wish they would hurry up....but slowly they are flowering!

On Saturday it was a rainy day here, so it was mainly insides jobs to be done.  I finally made over my old china I have my lovely new/old one all stacked, I decided to make the old cabinet into a cupboard for my clothes.  I put some blue gingham material inside the glass doors and I think it looks pretty good!

Yesterday was a fine day so the outside chores where to be done...mowing and relaxing it made me feel after I was finished.

I though I would share some more photos from my garden...WARNING...there are a few photos...hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Cherry blossom tree in flower.

Roses along the back fence starting to bloom.

Sweet peas about to bloom, I think they look good growing up through the wooden frame...these peas are suppose to be dwarf ones!!

One of many foxgloves that I planted this them.

Lavender and daisy with yellow rose at the back in the front garden.

Seaside daisy and more lavender in front garden.

Tomato plants starting to flower.

Spinach is growing well, had three meals from it so far, the garlic and parsley are growing well too. The peas to the right I planted a couple of weeks ago, slowly getting there!

Meet my new duck family....I can't have the real thing so it is these guys for the time being!!

Yesterday I found my aloe vera plant has a flower.  I never knew it flowered as this is the very first time I have had a flower....I moved this plant about 6 months ago and it has taken off....I think I will have to repot it after it has flowered as you can't see the pot anymore!

Lawn all mowed, now time to relax.  Once all the flowers are in bloom along the back fence it will be a lovely display.

Hope you are enjoying your garden!

Enjoy your day.

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  1. I love your cupboard makeover with the gingham curtains and your garden is looking very nice. xx


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