Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decorating...

Wow how hot was it yesterday...38 degrees out my way and they say it could be 42 degrees next Saturday...I have a kids birthday party to go to, so it is going to be a very warm day. Since it was so hot yesterday I took photos of my Christmas decorations....I hope you don't get too bored as there are a few photos!!
First off is one my new trees.  I decided I wanted to put a tree on my front porch this year, I put up Christmas light on the front of the porch and the garage every year so I thought I would add an extra touch this year. I have put the tree in an old rusty hat box that I got at a market for $15.  I also found this great Letters to Santa mailbox...I love it!
This is a close up of the ornaments on the cute!
I also purchased this year a reindeer and sleigh that lights up which I have placed on the porch railing.
Wreath on the front door.
Ok...lets move inside to the hallway.

In the main bedroom. Santa's nightgown and small silver tree.
Other front bedroom.
This is the main tree in the sitting room.
For a change this year I decided to put the white lights on it instead of the multicolour.
These are some of the decorations on this tree.


The fireplace mantle.
Cookies for Santa and food for the Reindeers!
 Another of Santa's nightgown....I wish he would not leave them lying all around the house!
Dining room table.
Side cupboard behind dining table.
I love the little mittens and horses on this tree.
This is the other new tree (same as the front porch), I got them both for a bargain the in the sales after last xmas.  They are both slim trees. This one I have a top hat as the tree topper...I seen a photo of one and it looked really good...I think I need to adjust mine and add more ornaments. I have decided that next year this will be the snowman tree and will have all snowman ornaments on it...since it has the top hat that snowmen wear.
Kitchen bench.
Blackboard countdown...out by a few days!
Loungeroom coffee table. 
I think the rusty balls look good on the garland on the TV cabinet.
This tree I call my vintage decoration tree.
A close up of the vintage decorations.

 This is the wreath on the back door.
 That's it for the Christmas decorations....I hope I didn't bore you!
I picked some of my tomatoes on the weekend as I didn't want the pests to get them.
My beans are starting to grow....these are the purple beans.
 Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Karen,
    Everything looks wonderful!!
    I love it all but I think, maybe my favorite is Santa's nightgown and silver tree. Too Cute!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Tam, it's not even close to as good as your decorating.

  2. Karen,my goodness you have been busy. Decorating the whole house?
    It all looks so festive. Lovely
    Thank you for visiting. xx:)

  3. Wow. Your decorating is fantastic.

  4. Totally love it,its all adorable

  5. It all looks lovely...lots to look at..x


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