Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm Back - Where has the time gone!

Wow that year has flown. I hope everyone is well and are still following me and haven't given up on me!

Where to start - I moved into my new house in the Blue Mountains of NSW in July 2014. I had my Dad living with me for 6 months, he is now settled into his Retirement Village which a 10 minute drive from me and one of my sisters.

I still have some boxes to unpack (very unlike me) but working full time and with the extra travel time to work I have been feeling it.  I also started doing a Market Stall selling country and vintage homewares/gifts and Christmas decorations/ornaments from the USA and this has been keeping me busy too.

I have also been trying to organise/sort out the gardens. They were very full of plants and they were taking over so I have had a lot of them taken out and I am in the process of planting my cottage garden again. I will start posting some photos of my progress so far once I have sorted them out.

This time last year I went on a road trip to my Mum's hometown of Narrabri in NorthWest NSW.  We still have cousins up there so we try to visit as often as we can.  Its great catching up and thinking about the old times when we used to visit for our school holidays.

We went to a town called Eula Creek a few km's out of town.  My Pop helped build this old bridge when he worked for the Local Council.

Then on to the cemetary where we found out that my Nan and Pop had 2 babies that had died not long after birth and they where buried at the Eula Creek Cemetary.

We had just missed out on seeing the cotton plants before they had been picked.  They were picked a couple of weeks before we got there.  I remember as a kid we always went out and got our photos taken in amongst all the cotton plants. My cousin works where they bundle the cotton once it has been picked and processed, so he took us to his work. Wow what a big shed and full of a lot of bundles of cotton.

 My great niece Brooke and I.

In July last year my Dad sold and moved out of our family.  It was very emotional for all of us.  Dad and Mum had lived there for 48 years together and Dad moved out after 54 years.

I hope to be back soon and not leave it so long in between posts.

Take care


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