Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Love of Old Tins, Boxes & Bottles...

I thought I would share with you some of my collections.  I absolutely love old tins, boxes and old bottles. I have found them at antique shops, markets, website stores, or they have been given to me. I think they are so interesting!

Let's start with the Kitchen...
Arnott's tin collections

Also in the kitchen I have a selection of other old tins, also on display is my Mum's old electric mixer (left), and my Nan's old electric mixer (right).

 Ice Cream tins, Sunshine Milk, Akta Vite

Various cooking tins 
Old butter churn with old flavouring bottles

The Laundry...

Last but not least is the Bathroom...

I call this my old medicine cabinet

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of tins, boxes and bottles.

I am trying not to buy anymore Arnott's tins as they as a bit too big to store and really, I have run out of room.

I am off on an antiquing day on Saturday to the Blue Mountains with my good friend Chris, so who knows what treasures I will find.  I am sure you will see my finds in my next post.

I wish everyone a very Happy Easter and I hope you get lots of chocolate.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Your tins are so wonderful and some trigger memories. I like the Rawleighs flavouring bottles (they are Rawleigh aren't they/) I remember the Rawleighs man coming with his case selling his wares door to door. What I want to know, is who dusts them. They would drive me nuts!

  2. That is some collection!

    I see some familiar tins that I have in my collection. I dont have as many tins and things as you though.

    Thanks for showing us,


  3. Hazel, they are Rawleighs bottles, only purchased these a couple of months ago. Yes the dust...they do get dusted but not as often as I would like...but that adds to the old

    Tania, yes I think that I have to stop collecting them but I can't resist when I see a different one.

  4. Wow what a great collection. I love the medicine cabinet.


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