Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorating...

I thought I would share some of my Christmas decorating photos with you all.

I am not very good at decorating but I will give it a go!

First is the big tree in the sitting room, this has all my lovely country/prim decorations which I have bought over the last year, some of which have been not by me.
To the right of the tree you can see my old santa sack (pillow case), which was what I received my presents in from Santa when I was little. I put it up every year but unfortunately it never gets filled...I must write to Santa with my change of
Some of the decorations on the tree.

Next photo is of my new tree that I purchase a couple of weeks ago. I think it looks good in the old wagon.
Tree on the kitchen bench.
Tree near dining room table.

Decorations on hallway table.

This is a santa suit that I bought from Spotlight and Santa socks from a bargain store in the city (wish I had of bought them), I stained them to make them look old. I love it hanging near the front door.
Santa's nightgown in my he doesn't sleep with me, it's only if he feels like a nap to keep him going for the night delivering all the

Some of my tomatoes that I picked the other day, one is a bit deformed.
I also picked my garlic, this is the first time that I have planted garlic. I only planted 4 and this is what I picked. Only small but not bad for my first go.

I thought I would share some of my holdiay photos...only of Bailey. This is the first time he has come away with me and he had a ball. He had never been to the beach and he wasn't too sure at first but then he loved it. Mind you, he didn't go into the water, he only got wet when the water got him.

I'm just check that the water doesn't get me! In the water is my friends dog Storm. He loves swimming in the water.
They both had a great time together. We will definately be going back.
These are some of my treasures from my holiday. We visited Milton, very nice little village, and this is what I bought didn't think that I would go somewhere nice like that and not buy anything!
I just love it, it is an old hay fork made out of wood. I am going to hang it on the wall where I have my other fork.

I also bought from the Antique shop at Milton these Faulding Olive Oil bottles and Murlex Dry Cleaning bottle in original box.
The smelling salts and cough lozenges I bought from Tilba Tilba. This is a lovely little village too, very lush green countryside. I forgot to take photos of the countryside but next time I go I will.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Maa sent me you have a lovely blog and i will love to be your newest follower.

  2. hello Ive come over because maa sent me. Im now a follower and so I will be back

  3. So many Christmas trees! I only manage one and then it takes me most of January/Feb to put it away! Love the deccies!



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