Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is Friendship...

What is a friend.......someone who is there for you in good and bad times, rings to check you are ok, accepts your invite to catch up, rings to say hi for no reason, you can tell them anything without them telling anyone, they don't judge you, they are there for you no matter what, listens when you are feeling down, laughs with you, crys with you....etc.

I thought a friend of mine, who I have known for 28 years, was all the above, but a couple of weeks ago that changed and now I know that she was not a true friend, after all those years.

I don't need to be treated like she treated me, when it was not my fault, and I don't need the drama of her in my life anymore.

So 2012 is my year to move forward!!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh Karen, that is such a shame...some people are just s**ts aren't they. Chin up, life will be better without her.

  2. I had a walking buddy and we used to walk every morning at 6am. Our daughers were friends so I would have her daughter over and she had mine over.
    She has quite a volatile personality and 'says what she thinks' and one morning I was trying to tell her what had happened to us over the weekend. She kept butting in, putting words in my mouth and said something that I totally disagreed with. I told her to shut the f$%# up and listen to what I was saying. She went OFF and started ranting to me about how she had a right to say what she wanted and she was sick of people shutting her down (hmmm, so this had happened to her before???). Anyway, I would not apologise for me 'shutting her down' so that was it.

    Anyhoo, I basically went left as she went right on our walk and I have not spoken to her since. That was May 10, 2010! I have honestly not missed the 'friendship' that we had. I really didn't need her in my life and I must say I felt empowered for not apologising (because I didn't think it was my fault) and standing my ground. Power to Joolz!

    As you say, move forward this year and put that behind you.

    Incidently, our daughters are still friends and catch up from time to time so it is good that it didn't affect them.

    Cheers - Joolz (sorry for the raving on!)

  3. Thanks for your support girls xx

  4. I really feel for you as I had a similar experince. My best friend who i had asked to be my bridesmaid just rang one day to tell me that she could not support my choice to marry my hubby (now of 2.5 years and still going well ) The fact that she put her feelings on the matter before mine really showed her true colours. She had in the past lead a colourful life that I never judged and this was a massive slap in the face. I know how you feel and it will take a while to get over if you are not or do not want to reconcile. But just remember that the way a person acts and the things they say are only a reflection on them and who they are deep inside. The might try and project it onto you but at the end of the day it is not about you. It is about them and you can only be responsible for your own behaviour. Stay strong and believe in yourself.


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