Friday, February 10, 2012

New Cookbook and DVD

I purchased a couple of weeks ago Donna Hay's cooking DVD fast, fresh, simple.
I like watching people make the dishes as you can pick up tips and they make it look easy!

I also decided to buy the cookbook under the same name. The book has some great recipes and there is a picture for each recipe, which I have to have in a cookbook.

I have watched half of the first disk of the DVD and wow some of the dishes are so easy to make. When you look at them in the book, you think, oh that would be too hard, but no way, so easy.
I decided to make the Cheat's Chocolate Eclairs (sorry, forgot to take a photo, so I have taken a photo of the ones in the book), and how easy were they. All they are are the italian sponge finger biscuits cut in half with the cream mixture and melted chocolate on top. So easy and look very impressive!
The only problem I had with them was trying to cut the sponge biscuits in half, they kept breaking, so I ended up using a whole one on top and bottom, they were still nice but a bit big to eat. My friend Grace, who I made them for, and who is Italian, said there are different types of sponge finger biscuits, so maybe it will be trial and error.

(Sorry...not a good photo!)

I will let you know when I have made some more of the recipes and I will make sure I take a photo next time.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Now are you sure the goodies won't be eaten before you get the camera out, Karen? Maa

  2. Morning Karen,
    These sound wonderful...I love watching demos on cooking as really do get a feel for what the dish should be - and how to do it.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting...always nice to see you there.



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