Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bit Of This N That....

For Christmas I received off my Dad this great Garden Cart.  We do a $50 Kris Kringle and my Dad got to pick for me. be honest I told him what I wanted and I picked it up.

I love is so much easier to cart my potting mix and sugar cane mulch around the garden.

Bailey thinking he might get a ride in this!!

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my friend Chris in the shop that she works at and yes I bought some things.

First is this great childs horse riding hat....I have hung it under my pergola with some old horse blinkers which I had sitting in the shed that I was going to put on the old post/rail fence in the garden but I thought they would go well with the hat.

I also bought these cute barn welcome sign and birdhouse.

 A few of my beans and tomatoes that I have picked....I have been very disappointed with my vegies so far this year, with not much sun they haven't been growing.

Even my crepe myrtle trees which flower great every year haven't had many flowers on them at all...very disappointing.

I have a new project that I have started and which I hope to finish this weekend, depending on the weather....let's hope it's a sunny weekend.

Stay tuned to see what it is!

Have a great day!



  1. Love your cart and very cute welcome signs and bird house.
    One thing we have no control over is the weather, but what you did grow looks great.

  2. Oh ...I love that cart. How handy that will be for your gardening. Good idea for a present too. I'm not surprised about the veges, but at least you did get some. Hopefully next year will be better. Susan

  3. Hi Karen,
    Wow, it has been ages since I've been bad of me. But it's so hard getting to all my favorite blogs - glad I'm here now.

    Looks strange to see fresh vegies this time of year....they look wonderful tasty.

    I would have sent you a THANK YOU for visiting and commenting on my blog but it's a NO-REPLY form that I get from you so I can't send an e-mail back.



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