Friday, April 12, 2013

A Long Weekend Away....

Last weekend I went to Orange, Central West NSW to visit friends. We went to Millthrope and had a look at the lovely shops, had coffee and chatted and had a lovely time.

Looking down the main street the old awnings outside the shops.
 View down another street.

I love the lattice around the porch on the old buildings.

This is the old wares shop....yep I sure did go in there!

Then it was off the Spring Hill to our other friends house for dinner. This is the main street of Spring Hill, we are walking to the pub, which is around the corner (and I forgot to take a photo), to have a drink before dinner and to pick up the chef (friends hubby).  The mustard house used to be a shop and apparently the new owner has done a fantastic job restoring it to a liveable house.

I had to show this photo of their dogs, oh and the chickens in the back, such a great coop. The large dog is only about 18 mths old, he is so playful and friendly. Apparently he ate one of the chickens as it flew over the if the chickens go into the dogs yard they eat them, they said that very rarely happens. I said but they would be able to jump over into the chicken coop and they said they know to stay in the yard. So the moral of the story for the chickens in their backyard is....don't fly over the fence!!!

We also went to the Berry was great to pick your own berries.  There were only strawberries but that didn't matter, it was great fun.
Our basket of sweet and juicy.
 On the Sunday we went to the Millthorpe there were a lot of stalls....220! They were very crowded and had some different stalls that you don't see at any Sydney markets. I picked up a few things....

Purchase no. 1.....I have been looking for ages for an outside boot stand to put my gumboots and garden shoes on, I was so excited when I seen this sitting on a table in a stall that I jumped on it.

Purchase no. 2....a great bread/cheese board...I love it its just what I have been looking for....very rustic!

Last bought Raspberry and Rhubarb jam...sooo yummy, Lime butter...very yummy, Beetroot relish, Caramelised Onions, Poppyseed dressing....very yummy too, Rosemary flavoured salt, Spice salt, and lastly some different teas.  Can't wait to tuck into them.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Karen, what a fun get away and your purchases are great too. Oh those strawberries. Goodness it will be ages before the show up fresh here.

  2. Great place isn't it? Karen? The next one will be close to Christmas and I hope to be there if all goes well. A shame I' couldn't get there to meet you ... maybe next time. It looks as if you had a good 'spend up'- not surprising as there's so much there. Hugs Sue


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