Sunday, April 28, 2013

Garden High Tea

Yesterday I had a Garden High Tea in my back was a lovely day, unusually warm for this time of year, so it was perfect!

 Bailey was ready to welcome everyone!
Everyone arriving...this is why I made the bunting..

Hanging teacups and teapots over the food table...
China teacups
Teapots with differnt types of teas...
Everyone lined up for the food..
Mini milk bottles..
There was a kids corner.. 
Enjoying the milk bottles..
It was a lot of work for me but its what I love to do and well worth it as everyone said they had a lovely afternoon...
It may become an annual event!!
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Morning Karen,
    What a wonderful really know how to throw a party - I love all the things you did and what are those sweet little blue cup things on the tiered stand? They look like little 'treat cups'...hope you let me know.
    Such a lovely setting.

    1. Thanks Karen for your lovely words. I loved organising it..great fun. I have emailed you about the cups.

  2. Wow I want to come to one of your tea parties. It looked amazing. I love that you had different teas and the food looked amazing.

    1. Thanks Fiona for your lovely words. I bought the teas from the Millthorpe Markets near Orange, I thought it would be something different.

  3. Gorgeous Karen! I absolutely love your sense of style and this looks like the perfect day in your wonderful garden :)

    1. Thanks Alicia for your kind words, I loved doing it.

  4. High tea parties are so much fun. I had one last year for the Cancer Council, we raised quite a bit of money. Your tea looks so nice in the garden. I love the teapot display. x


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