Friday, October 18, 2013

NSW Bush Fires...

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people in NSW who have been affected by the bush fires.  What a horrific day it was yesterday, 35 degrees and very strong winds made the fires jump.

My sister in the Blue Mountains had their house under threat of being burnt but luckily my nephew worked nearby and was able to get home and he and their neighbours saved their houses and animals, even after the water losing pressure to near no pressure. The fire came up to their back fences, they are very very lucky as there are about 30 - 40 houses near them that have been destroyed. It happened so quickly and with most people at work they didn't get a chance to save anything.

They haven't been allowed back to their house yet as there are still fires in the area, so they are not out of danger yet as the fires could start up again like they have in other areas.

This is Sydney, and the smoke that came from the Mountains, it was a very eerie day!
A very big thanks goes out the all the fire fighters, which includes volunteer fire fighters, they do a wonderful job even when their own houses are under threat, which was the case up in the Mountains.
God Bless Them!


  1. Very scary and one of our undesirable realities in our country. I'm glad your sister's house is ok.

  2. I was wondering how things were going your way, Glad to here you're all ok. Our way is thick with smoke too and I'm staying inside. Sue

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