Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finally, I'm Back...

It's been a while since I have posted.  What have I been up to. Well, after moving from the sale of my house, I have settled into my Dad's house, well if you could call it settled.  I seem to have stuff everywhere still. I am missing all of treasures around me.  Bailey is very clingy to me, he didn't like me going away for 2 weeks, and since I have come home he follows me everywhere, more than usual. He has started to want to sleep on the bed with me to be closer to me. My poor little man, I moved him from his old house and then I went away, of course, he doesn't know what is going on.

Packing up my house.
Wow it looks empty. 

The sad thing about me leaving is that I have heard from my old neighbours that my garden is not being looked after and is looking very very sad. 
I went on my cruise, it was great and the 14 people I went with were a great bunch to go away with and we had a ball! I won't bore you with too many photos, just a few.

Leaving from Sydney Harbour under the Harbour Bridge, it was like you could nearly touch it, but we were no where near it..haha.

Bye bye Sydney! 
 The 2nd day at sea was my birthday, and they put balloons outside your door on your birthday.

That night at dinner I received a small birthday cake. The wait staff were great and very friendly, we had so much fun with them.

Every couple of days we would get an animal made out of our towels, so cute.

We stopped at 5 Islands, this is Mystery Island

Isle of Pines

There were sunsets every night.
My 2 sisters and I had a quick weekend visit up to see our country cousins in Narrabri, northern NSW. After my uncle passed away in May we had to clear out his house and we were able to keep a few things, we each got an old single wooden lounge chair (haven't got a photo yet as we couldn't bring them home yet).  They will need new fabric. I loved sitting in those chairs when we went to visit as kids, so I am glad that we were able to hold onto some of the memories.
 I hope to get stuck into some Christmas cooking at the end of the month, I can't believe it is next month.  No Christmas decorating for me this year, all packed away in storage. 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Karen...a well deserved vacation!! You have been having a busy life lately.
    Glad you are getting things settled.
    Wonderful cruise! We love going on them.

  2. Lovely to see you again,Karen. Bailey has obviously missed you. Your holiday looks like it was fun - so good for you too. Maybe you can potter around in your dads garden. Sue

  3. What a lovely way to spend your birthday, beautiful, glad you had fun. Very cute towels.


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